Caci Treatments

Caci treatments are the best selling treatment system in the UK, Caci

Non surgical facial Toning & Body Sculpting have an impressive celebrity following..  Madonna  Jennifer Lopez  Martine McCutcheon.  

The Needle Free Alternative to Collagen Injections & Dermal Fillers.


10 Caci Toning Facials - £450

(Recommended 2/3 per week)

7 Ultamate Toning Facials - £450

(One per Month) Includes Microdermabrasion/Hydra Mask/Wrinkle Combe/ETR Pads & blue/red light therapy, for anti age & skin conditions.

Caci Toning Facial


Caci Ultamate Toning Facial


Jowl Lift


(Add as an extra in any Facial £20)

Course of 10 £200

Eye Revive/Hydra Mask

Eye Revive £40 

(Course of 10 £300)

Hydra Mask/Microdermabrasion £45

(Course of 10 £350)

Caci Lip Plump

Lush Lips

Get noticeably fuller and plumper lips with CACI! No need for fillers, Caci lip plum is just amazing.  £15  (Course of 10 £120)