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Beauty Lounge west Grafton Marlborough Relax. Refresh. Re-imagine.

Beauty Lounge west Grafton Marlborough Relax. Refresh. Re-imagine.

Beauty Lounge west Grafton Marlborough Relax. Refresh. Re-imagine. Beauty Lounge west Grafton Marlborough Relax. Refresh. Re-imagine.

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Microblading Brows

About Microblading

The actual technique of implanting pigment into fine incisions in the skin goes back thousands of years, but gained popularity for use with eyebrows in Asia with the feathering or embroidery trend. Later known as microblading, it's essentially tattooing, but it involves using a specialised manual hand tool. 

Rather than giving you a block of colour like traditional tattooing, fine strokes are done by hand to create the illusion of real hairs, which is why those on the search for brow perfection prefer it. Many beauticians class it as semi-permanent, but with regular top-ups and great aftercare, it can last a lifetime. It's great for those with alopecia or people who've gone through chemotherapy, or just keen to up their brow game.

 Microblading eyebrow review:

Now I'm not going to try and make everyone feel sorry for me here - the reason my eyebrows aren't brow-envy-contenders isn't because of an illness or condition, it's purely because I overplucked them as a youngster and they just didn't grow back properly.

This took about 40 minutes to kick in before the drawing process began. Using specific measuring tools, she worked out where my brows should be, as well as what shape worked best for my face. lisa also showed me some colour options and let me decide which I thought would be best. As I'd pencilled in my eyebrows for so long, I'm used to having quite a dark look, so chose a darker colour, which she said was normal. Once she was happy with the shape (which she was an extreme perfectionist about, filling me with even more confidence), I was handed a mirror to inspect her art. I was pretty stunned and outrageously excited. Although they were just an outline, I could already imagine flopping my hair into a messy bun and frolicking out of the house with no makeup on (as sad as that sounds), with not a brow-worry in the world.

The actual process was uncomfortable, but not painful. If you've had a tattoo (I've got a few), the pain is way less than that of a tattoo. If you haven't been inked, for me it felt no worse than a light scratch. The only off-putting thing was, if I'm honest, the sound. You can hear the blade as it moves across your skin, but I soon forgot about it when I remembered how gorge my brows were about to be. 

A little less than two hours later and I was all done. The skin felt a little tender but there was no discomfort to write home about. Unlike tattoos, I didn't have any kind of stinging afterwards. I was given in-depth information about aftercare, which, to name just a few points, included using coconut oil to moisturise my new brows twice a day, avoiding makeup and the gym for two weeks (bonus) and off I went, ready to conquer the world.